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The Buddy Up Story

How BUFK Began

Over the years that we have held the Buddy Up Fore Kids golf tournament I have had many people ask me why we started the event, so here is the answer.

In 1998 I was referred to a urologist for blood in my urine for what I thought would be a routine exam followed by some medication. I asked my wife to go and afterward we would go look at a home that was being built. Four hours later and two different dyes and CT scan’s my wife and I stood in the hallway of a doctor’s office. He pointed to the screen which showed my left kidney and a tumor. His words were “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is you have cancer the good news is I think we caught it early enough.” Believe me, after you hear cancer you barely hear the rest.


After several months of recovery from surgery to remove my left kidney and over a year getting my strength back I told my wife “I can’t imagine being a child and going through this”. I told my son, Keith, I’m so lucky to have had a cancer that could be cured let’s do something to give back. He and I decided we both knew enough golfers to start a golf tournament; little did we know how to run one. Keith came up with the name and our first event raised $6,000 with 80 golfers participating.


The Ritchey Family continues to work each year to raise money and provide a fun atmosphere for all participants.

I’m living proof that early screening can save your life. Please make sure if you have a health issue you consult your doctor sooner than later.


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Our Vision and Mission

All proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis Charities.

Ronald McDonald House of Memphis provides a home-away-from-home for children and their families while they are in Memphis receiving treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Since opening in 1991, Ronald McDonald has served over 9,000 families from around the world. The funds raised through Buddy Up Fore Kids will help ensure that families who stay at Ronald McDonald House have all the comforts of home, and continue to be able to stay completely free of charge.

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